Russian bath: features of application, which is

Russian bath is a unique phenomenon, which is not all over the world analogues. Features of the Russian bath – this is what our baths makes famous and loved among a huge number of people. So, the main distinguishing feature of the Russian bath is the presence of a steam room. It is in the so -called “steam room” that we warm our body, sweat, we drive dirt and slags, while experiencing a great pleasure. Another difference between the Russian bath is the temperature regime. With almost zero humidity, the temperature here can reach 120 degrees. However, this feature imposes certain restrictions for people with a weak cardiovascular system. In any case, the temperature in the Russian bath should be increased gradually, precisely when the body asks for this. It is also worth noting the special structure of the Russian bath. As a rule, they build a bathhouse from a thick log, although there are frequent cases and construction of baths from a beam. It is the wood that creates in our Russian bath a unique atmosphere of comfort and comfort. However, today the stone baths are also popular – such baths are more durable, and the stone has the properties of a good intensity that ensures effective work. And the last thing I want to say separately is the dynamism of humidity in the bath. Unlike Turkish baths, in Russian we begin to steam in hot and dry air, but as we spray with water, the air becomes more wet. At the same time, the construction of a Russian bath is not so complicated, the main thing is to adhere to certain rules. Before building a bath with your own hands, you need to at least imagine what you want to get as a result – size, structure, building material and much more. When choosing wood species, you need to pay attention to the fact that in their structure they must have a low amount of resin. Any construction begins, including baths, with the laying of the foundation. The foundation can be a strip or columnar. The first is more durable and durable, but at the same time more expensive. As for the construction of walls, you need to take care of the preliminary preparation of wood, it is good to dry it. During the construction of bath complexes, vapor barrier is assigned an important role. It is necessary to consider the fact that hot air rises up, which means that the ceiling finish needs to be paid special attention. And the last thing to pay attention to is to create excellent ventilation. Normal air exchange is needed in order to remove harmful etheric pairs emanating from the human body. Inside the bath is finished with the same wooden materials.