Laying tiles on the floor: how to do it right

If possible, in rooms where there is a place to be increased humidity, we try to lay tiles on the floor. And it is precisely on how it is laid that all the quality of finishing work and further sex aesthetics will depend. Experts say that even the most expensive and exclusive types of tiles can be spoiled with incorrect styling. By the way, before laying tiles, it would not hurt to replace the floor.

Experienced masters put tiles on the floor always right, and not how it got. First, the floor surface is required, where a concrete screed is almost always used. In this case, it must be done very strong, it should not crack during drying. If it is planned to put the tile on the wooden floor, then preliminary preparation of the surface will be required here – a flat and hard surface is necessary! Otherwise, the stacked tile will crack and dry out, leaving large gaps and swelling among themselves.

You can start laying tiles only upon completion of all preparatory work. The base, as mentioned above, should be perfectly even. Modern tiles are always laid on special solutions, and the adhesive composition should only be applied to a clean surface. This will increase the strength of the tile and base adhesion force. Glue on the tile is usually applied with a spatula that has a comb. Its size is selected depending on the size of the tiles: the larger the tile (floor tiles), the distance between the two neighboring ridges should be larger, and vice versa.

What else can be said about laying tiles?

Tiles are always put exactly using a special building level in the work. If you use it correctly, then the corners will never “dance”, and the tile itself will look just amazing!

Laying tiles-a long and rather tiring process, which usually cannot be able to do with home craftsmen-this work is performed, as a rule, professionals-tiles. After all, here it is necessary to observe not only the perfect smoothness of the surface, but also to be able to leave the gaps between neighboring tiles, where the grout will be placed later. By the way, and the proper grinding of seams is not just to learn.