Methods of installation of the heating system: Stages

If your choice fell on metal -plastic pipes, then you did the right thing. True, there are a number of questions that need to be resolved correctly, otherwise you will have problems someday. Before starting, you need to carefully read the description of metal -plastic pipes. This is quite simple, just enter the Internet and read some article. After you gain the necessary knowledge, you can start work.

We start by choosing a type of wiring. The following wiring is the most popular today, this is the wiring into several points through the collector. The collector joins the riser and all this is equipped with tsgams and cranes.

1. With this method of wiring, it turns out that individual pipes go to a separate point, so the connection through the tees is excluded, but the amount of the pipe used increases. 2. This method of wiring will ensure a more uniform separation of water into all water points. 3. This system is very maintainable. When problems arise, for example, with a tap in the kitchen, it is enough to close the desired crane and repair, other points at this time will work. 4. This system is well adjustable using cranes located on the collector.

The second popular less, but existing wiring, is wiring with tees. In other words, there are discharge from a single pipe, which is connected to the riser, and to each individual point through the tee. This scheme requires a little pipe, but many connections. If you collect these systems, then you need to learn: 1. It is necessary to find out the working pressure that is in the risers. If the pressure is more than 10 atmospheres. then it is necessary to set the pressure gear. It is necessary to choose a pipe of Kisan, production of Poland-Germania, or Avoenthrop. 2. Before you purchase connections, you need to make a diagram and choose all the threads in order to explain to the seller from which thread will leave and which the pipe will come to. 3. You need to decide which connections you will concrete or they will be difficult to access. For concreting, use press-fings. 4. No need to make a warm floor in the bathroom and in the kitchen made of metalloplasty from the heating riser. 5. After you collect everything entirely, hold the entire system under pressure for a couple of days and then proceed to concrete.