New life of old windows: how to make restoration

Over time, wooden windows lose their original appearance that it negatively affects the guise of both the window itself and the building as a whole. Burnt, exfolved paint and other defects. All this is depressing on the nerves of the window owner. But do not immediately think about their replacement.

Your desire and carrying out simple operations and your windows are enough in shape and delight you with their appearance.

First of all, we collect the necessary tool and materials. To work, we will need a thermofen, a grinding machine, sandpaper, a spatula, a wood -free shot, a brush, paint and putty wood, a solvent, a primer, a silicone sealant.

Next, we act in such a sequence. First we remove window frames from the hinges of the box. Next, pull the glass from the frames. It is more convenient to work and the ability to damage them with an awkward movement is excluded.

After that, the most time -consuming operation awaits us. It is necessary to clean the wooden surfaces from the paintwork. To do this, soften the old paint and remove it with a metal scraper. Then, using a grinding machine and sandpaper, we carefully clean the surface from the remnants of the paintwork and damaged wood.

Having received a clean surface, we take a spatula in your hands and put all the irregularities and cracks with putty on wood. After the putty dries, we repeat the grinding process until a flat and smooth surface is obtained.

Next, window frames and box must be primed. After drying the primer, apply 2-3 layers of paint. Moreover, in order to obtain the optimal paintwork, the paint must not be collected from the jar, where it is usually thick, but cast it into a suitable container and dilute the solvent to the desired consistency.

After drying the paint, insert a silicone sealant into the gun and smear the grooves for glass fastening. Next, install the glass in its place, apply a sealant again and fix the glass with a glazing.