DIY garden design: designer advice

For many of us, the cottage is our own haven, where you can hide far from worries and relax your soul. Some prefer to fry barbecue every weekend, someone just lying on a deck chair, maybe he rides a bicycle or playing sports, but someone likes to take care of nature.

Those who like to care for the garden are dedicated to

What is a garden plot? This is a place where the creative potential of the individual and the ability to care for plants is revealed. This is a hard work that only units endure. He rewards the craftsmen with the beautiful appearance of the whole garden and at home as a whole. All guests think about such sites only one thing: “This is yes! We would like to live like that!”. At the same time, only some of them understand what a lot of efforts, labor and time were spent on creating this miracle. In addition, few people think that well -being must be constantly supported.

So. What is needed for the improvement of garden territory? Everyone will answer this question in their own way, so we will take only characteristic features for most. This is a beautiful trimmed lawn, flat layout, a lot of greenery, beautiful flowers, bushes and trees. Everything is fragrant, blooms and pleases the eye with a variegated shades and the saturation of colors. In addition, in almost every country house there are courtyard paths.

What can you make a track from

The answer depends on the taste and material capabilities of the customer. For these noble purposes, you can use paving stones, porcelain tiles, bulk materials or yard tiles. Each of the above types of materials has its own unique characteristics and properties.

I would like to focus on the use of porcelain tiles. This is a relatively young material that was invented by pure chance. Speaking more specifically, it was a marriage of production.

One of the most important features of porcelain tiles is its uniqueness. There is not a single similar material in nature. Its distinctly property is a minimum moisture absorption. Due to this, the tile becomes very strong and durable, and in addition can be used in any weather conditions.