Metal grid 100×100 mm: Material characteristics

4 mm diameter made of steel thick rod, a metal grid, a cell of 100×100 mm is sold in the form of a flat design of a cellular structure (card) with a width of 1, 5 m and a length of 2 m. Metal products of this size have a square shape of the cell and is designed to create a reinforcing layer in the roadway and massive concrete castings. In addition, it is not used for the purpose for the manufacture of fences, the frame of greenhouses, cells for livestock, drainage, and supports. Giving the structures high strength and increasing durability in this way, nets with a large cell retain some flexibility, which makes these products convenient in work. Features and purpose compared to metal grid, welded structures have a three -dimensional structure, which allows you to better adhere to the layers of construction solutions (plaster, sand concrete M300, cement). In addition, being made of corrugated reinforcing wire VR-1, welded nets are characterized by a rough surface, which gives the design increased adhesive characteristics. In combination with general strength, these properties allow you to use these materials with a cell of 100×100 mm to increase the strength of cement -sand solutions, in particular in the manufacture of: – foundations for housing construction of various number of storeys; – supporting layers under the flooring of garden sidewalks, including those operated for the passage of agricultural machinery; – plaster aligning or protective layers in monolithic construction. Poster in everyday life, in addition to using in construction, a mesh metal mesh from a thick bar can be used to manufacture frame structures of greenhouses or greenhouses. In this case, it is better to protect metal products from the influence of humidity using film -forming decorative materials – varnishes or colors, which will allow prolonged operation of the structure in street conditions. Most often, these products are used in combination with polyethylene films pulled and fixed through wooden stacks on the surface of the frame from a mesh of this type. You can also buy a metal mesh for the manufacture of cells for pets or birds. If such corns will be used in wet rooms or on the street, then to increase the service life of the grid are covered with protective decorative compositions.