Paint: Advantages of the use of building material

To protect the materials and give them an attractive appearance, humanity has long been using paint. Of course, unlike the Middle Ages, when some types of paint were purchased literally with its weight in gold due to the high cost of receiving the necessary pigment, the modern paint and varnishes offers customers paint of different colors for various materials (wood paint, metal, etc. D.), options for application (for internal work, for external work, universal). Paints are very different in their composition – nitroemali, oil enamel, water -dispersion paints. There are even powdered paints that are applied to the painted surface and under the action of temperature or electricity turn into a single layer that gives the “hammer effect”.

The method of applying paint to the surface depends on both the surface itself and on the area. So, for example, in the automotive industry, cataphores are used, where the car body is completely immersed in a container with paint. If there is a need to paint a small wooden surface, a brush is usually used.

If there is a need for staining walls or ceiling, a roller is used, and the corners and other roller surface are painted over with a brush. Quite often a spray gun is used.