Pink in the interior from the designer Ghislaine Viñas

The pink color in the interior by most people is perceived ambiguously and as appropriate only in the interior of the room for a girl or a young girl. Meanwhile, there are a lot of examples that prove that this color can quite harmoniously exist in other spaces, giving them vital energy and special charm.

Today I want to show a photo of the interiors of two apartments created by the designer Ghislaine Viñas, which is not only not afraid to use pink when designing various interiors, but also calls it one of the most beloved.

In the whole presented interiors can be called quite neutral, but it is thanks to pink color that they gain liveliness and begin to look more fresh.

Here, perhaps, is a little pink that it just works in that direction to make the room like a children’s or girlish and even the burgundy part of the bottom of the wall and white furniture cannot correct this position.