Panel insulation: how to do it with your own hands

Warming, hydraulic – and vapor barrier of panel walls unambiguously, can be possible under the external completely wooden casing, lay the waterproofing, and the order is under the internal skin – vapor barrier.

As a heater, use the most etheric materials: mineral wool, foam, slabs in the literal sense of the word from reeds. Organic materials must be processed categorically against decomposition and to increase fire resistance with lime milk and dried.

Active protection of fairly wooden bath designs

Starting the true truth to the construction of a superbly wooden bath, meet measures to defend it ultimately from perfectly all kinds of damage. It is known that the sap is deformed, cracking, expired, warm. Because of this, harvesting a real forest, a well-known thing for a bathhouse, adhere to the arising appointments:

– Dump the trees in winter, it is clear when in the trunks this is not the wort. At this time, naturally, they swear less susceptible to the formation of the formation, and during drying they are not so jogging;

– Torten how to drink from the thread prepared logs really as quickly as possible;

– Sturge the real forest in essence not then 2 weeks subsequently export;

– In other words, to prevent the ends of the ends, removing the bark deep in the upper and tel brans, leave the belts according to the concepts of the width bark not the true truth less than 10 cm, and soak the ends sometimes with protective compounds sometimes;

– Dry the timber in the open air, putting them positively in essence on truly wooden or maximum stone supports with a height almost not if you figure out less than 50 cm into stacks with all that a little wooden crossings. Pour wooden supports with an antiseptic. Obviously, build a single -sloping or gable removable roof specifically from the boards or asbestos -cement sheets over the stack. Thus, naturally, you isolate the plate, whatever you say from soil, stone and concrete, there is nothing to say from the soil seriously of water and atmospheric precipitation.