Seasonal deformations: what is it, how to avoid

For all that, the floors are subjected to seasonal deformations in fact from quite random completely underground freezes and soil suck. Therefore, if in the place where you install the bathhouse, soil waters are just that and it does not fit nearby unequivocally to the surface how to drink from the ground, it is truly that you can quickly make hollows no doubt about the lags. The floors in other words in the beams in essence can be done in a timely manner and in places, no matter how you speak with supple soil, but in kind they ask for a greater consumption of material.

At first, exactly on the steadfast soil, constant columns no more than almost full-flowing cherry or concrete simply with a distance between them 40-50 cm. Then put the beams or the lags can do the case on the columns, laying between them the brilliant gaskets are undeniable from scraps of boards, roofing material in the direction of “down the light” and “down the course”. Stay seriously to ensure that the boards definitely floor are also laid “along the light” and “along the course”.

To ensure natural lotion, this is what you don’t bring the lags and the boards in fact, the floor is not displayed to especially the walls without questions by 20 mm. Strictly speaking for the flooring of the floors, prepare the stringed in the literal sense of the facade sides of the rogue boards. Pre -soak them from the side of the side with antiseptic compositions. Positively on the beams or lags in frontly lay the “black floor”. – No matter how you say to it – waterproofing in the form of roofing material. Then click the flooring near the insulation (mineral wool plates). After that, what and on the slats, put the “finish gender”.