Stretch ceiling in a modern interior

SPb stretch ceilings serve not only to decorate the interior. They can also successfully emphasize the overall style of the room in the room. Of course, if you use it wisely.

A stretch ceiling is not necessarily a single canvas. These can be levels of levels, asymmetric stripes, waves and bends. Stretch ceilings are combined with other types of suspended ceilings, which makes it possible to create an amazing and most unexpected effect. You can repeat the shape of an oval countertop on the ceiling or emphasize a celestial tightness in the graphicity of furniture.

If the furniture in the room is laconic with even surfaces and straight angles, then streamlined shapes, as well as waves on the ceiling, can be completely inappropriate. But the ceiling rounded design can successfully soften the severity of the graphic minimalist interior.

The print ceiling with a print can be a successful solution for any interior. It is only important to choose the right print. For example, for a children’s perfect option, the pattern of the sky on the ceiling will be.