Self -tapping screws: how to choose, why they are needed

One of the most common types of construction fasteners is self -tapping screws. In the common people they are also called screws, and the word “self -tapping” is imported.

But, in our time, it spread very quickly and firmly fixed.

This fastener in shape resembles a screw itself, but a little advanced. The shape of the thread, the tip and the shape of the slice are made of high -quality materials using different coatings. Using a screwdriver, you can use screws without drilling a hole, this, of course, will save time. You can fix self -tapping screws in concrete, brick and other solid building materials. In this regard, the screws spread very intensively throughout the country. They positively influenced the production of construction work, where, used to decorate buildings, houses and offices. They are designed for a wide range of use. Self -tapping screws for corrugated board can be used as fixtures of corrugations. Self -tapping screws are used to attach steel thick sheets that have a presschaib. They are very reliable, and will withstand any sheets. Self -tapping screws are also used for fastening drywall sheets. They are chosen depending on the type of drywall. Screws can also serve to attach various building material.

Self -tapping screw is such a screw with a thread that has a slot for a screwdriver on a hat. The screw is slightly different from the self -tapping screw according to some features, such as the slope and small thread step.

Self -cutting thread is characterized by penetrating ability. When screwing the screw, it is necessary to drill a hole into which, in the future, it will screw. And the hole, in turn, should be less than the diameter of the screw. The carving of the fastener element is distinguished by a big step. A screwdriver for plunging into a different surface is well suited. It is designed to work with various types of screws and screws.

Self -tapping screws for working with wood have a large step of thread and acute ending, and for metal – increased strength. They are characterized by an acute ending and fine thread. Such fasteners can be widely used outdoors. They are characterized by high strength and are not amenable to the influence of the external environment. Self -cutting does not allow moisture and dust inside the part when fixing it.

Types of screws:

– Self -tapping screw for sheet metal is used when fastening wood, plastic or plastic to metal. The thread for fastening these materials is cut along the entire length of the screw to the head, and the ending is very sharp;

– screws for fastening of metal parts;

– Self -tapping screws with a square head are used to connect large parts, which are twisted not with a screwdriver, but with a wrench;

– Another type of self -tapping screw is anchor. It is laid during construction in concrete, masonry. Anchor withstands blows and friction very well.

So, screws and self -tapping screws are used in all building structures of modern human life. Their use is necessary in our lives, practically daily and in various fields.