Wall decoration Eurovagonka: Features of the process

As you know, a wrap or Euro -car is used as a finishing material for houses, baths, terraces, arbors and other building structures.

In places where high humidity is present, wood is faced with a lot of problems and difficulties. From increased moisture, the tree swells, begins to rot and is covered with mold. In order to preserve not cheap finishing material (Euro -car), it must be processed enough and prepared before its use. The lining must be treated with antiseptic mixtures, which will allow it to maintain its durability. Such wood processing will protect the material from decay, mold and fungi, as well as from not desirable insects.

Treat the boards with an antiseptic and give them time until completely dry. If the wood is not allowed to dry, then after drying them on the wall, it can lead to their deformation and the formation of cracks and cracks. As soon as the lining dries completely, you can proceed to its operation.

If your black wall, on which the lining will be attached, is made of wood, then the lining can be mounted on such a surface. If the wall is concrete or brick, then it is necessary to sew a wooden crate on such a wall.

The crate is made of even wooden rails, which are parallel to each other on a wall with a gap of 40 – 60 mm from each other with dowels.

Installation of fastening of the Euro -Russian Wagons start strictly from the corner. The first rail of the lining should be strengthened especially carefully, since it will be the main component, and the rest of the rails of the lining will be attached to it.

You can fix the lining on nails and screws. Before buying and starting to decorate your structure, be sure to instruct with a specialist.