Siding: What is it, the advantages of using the material

In the old days in Rus’, a tree was widely used to protect the log cabins from bad weather, a little later the wood was replaced. Siding appeared recently, and immediately fell in love with many, because Siding can be sheathed with both wooden and brick, concrete buildings. Among the main advantages of siding, it is noted: – simplicity and installation speed. In order to sheathe even a two -story house with siding, there is no need to hire a finishing brigade, because two adults can cope with work for several days who can use a hammer, a screwdriver and a hacksaw; – Durability.

The service life of siding on average is at least 15 years without loss of properties, since siding is made from polymers; – Aesthetic attractiveness. Siding has many colors and with a successful combination you can get a very attractive color scheme of the house. Usually, siding is mounted on a wooden or metal crate installed on all walls of the house 40-60 cm in steps.

Siding is mounted parallel to the ground, and the crate frame, respectively, perpendicular to it. For fastening siding, both self -tapping screws and special fasteners are used (depending on the manufacturer of siding). All joints, corners and ends of siding are closed with decorative elements.