Slate or corrugated board: comparative characteristics

A few years ago, slate was rightfully considered the most popular roofing material. To date, he has not been on the first roles for a long time – he was successfully replaced by the corrugated board. Why did the slate could not hold the first place among the roofing materials?

And all for the reason that it is quite expensive, but at the same time very fragile material. If the sheet of corrugated board when hit only wanders, then the sheet of slate is divided into fragments instantly.

The same can be said about the installation of these two roofing materials. For example, the installation of slate is a much more complex and time -consuming process, since with the slightest mistake the sheet is split. It is very difficult to break the corrugated board, it can deform, but split – never.

However, still the slate has one advantage. And quite serious.

The slate in no way is subject to corrosion, while corrosion, at the slightest scratch, begins to rust at the place of damage. However, even this minus is not able to outweigh the scales in favor of the slate, since, as they say, the “mechanism” has long been launched and there is simply no road back, the corrugated board received a wide advertisement transmitting from the mouth to the lips with the builders.