Stages of building a cottage -type house

The house must meet certain requirements. It should be reliable, comfortable and warm. Specialists erecting a cottage carry out work according to the wishes of the client. They are ready to fulfill at the most high -quality level all the most daring engineering ideas of the client. However, one should not forget about the architectural compliance with the house of the General Plan, as well as its harmonious appearance. For this, there are architects who are specialists of their field and are ready to help even the most picky customer. In most cases, a construction company is ready to provide such specialists.

Unlimited fantasy in the framework of mandatory architectural rules

The construction of a cottage -type house always gives a place for the flight of the client’s imagination. A huge number of all kinds of ideas immediately come to mind. In order to realize the most daring ideas, it is necessary to start building with the so -called zero cycle. This is due to the presence of some basic rules in the construction of a house, which are mandatory for execution.

The basis of any home is the foundation. It can be of different types: strip, monolithic, pile, columnar. Its choice depends on the properties of the soil, as well as on the potential load, which he must be able to withstand.

An equally significant compulsory element of the future house is the roof. It prevents moisture from entering the roof elements, which does not allow rotting and subsequent destruction of the whole house. And also the roof will prevent the release of heat from the house in the cold season.

One of the most painstaking and unpleasant moments in building a house is a collection of a package of documents for supervisory authorities and coordination of cooperation with them. Regarding the cottage, such bodies will be company providing various utilities.

Each person wants his house to be reliable, made of high -quality materials in compliance with all technologies and at the same time delighted the eye. A construction company will help to carry out all types of work, so do not neglect it. It will be better if all the work from laying the foundation, before installing the roof, will be performed by the only construction organization.

To save money, you can use the services of a hired brigade. However, it is worth thinking a hundred times before going to it. Such a brigade does not give any guarantees for the quality of the work it performed, so the guarantor will have to be the customer himself. But the construction company brings certain obligations to the client and is responsible for the work of the work.