Thermal insulation True: how to do self -combat

When installing a heating system, one should not forget about thermal insulation of pipes.   Nowadays it becomes popular to hide all types of engineering communications. Special columns are created in the design of the apartment to hide water, gas pipeline and heating pipes from the eyes. Radiators, of course, do not hide, but pipes with low heat transfer – quite.

In this case, as in a number of others, you can not do without thermal insulation of pipes. Having made it, you will be reinsured once again that at one fine moment all the massive pipes decor will not fall apart in parts due to temperature deformation. Heating can show us certain surprises associated with the temperature difference and with their consequences. Therefore, at the installation stage, make sure once again whether you need thermal insulation.

In general, thermal insulation is a regular tape wound on a pipe. It happens in different colors and is made from different materials. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite material and color. Thermal insulation not only gives additional insurance, but also adds aesthetics to the appearance of the pipes.