Ventilation and air conditioning systems: what are the differences

The word ventilation is translated from Latin as ventilation. This process is aimed at removing contaminated air from the room and the simultaneous flow of fresh air. The ventilation system supports constant temperature, cleanliness and humidity, providing comfortable conditions for a person at home and at work.

Thanks to ventilation, evaporation, gas, dust, excess moisture appearing in the surrounding air as a result of the life of the human body and industrial production processes are removed.

What is the ventilation system?

A complex of special equipment aimed at cleaning, processing, transportation, supply and removal of air. Depending on the method of transportation of air and the purpose of the ventilation is divided into:



supply and exhaust.

Why air conditioners are needed?

Air conditioners purify the air and support the specified temperature parameters indoors. They are used in residential premises, offices, gyms, shopping centers and entertainment centers. In the summer, air conditioners lower the air temperature and increase its humidity. In the winter, the air conditioner heats the room with an increase in temperature.

Pure air is the key to your health and performance!