We decorate the house in the New Year: Types of decor

New Year is a long -awaited and favorite holiday for most of you. We are starting to prepare for the New Year in a few weeks. We buy gifts, choose an outfit for New Year’s Eve, make a menu for the New Year’s Eve. Of course, by New Year’s Eve, each of us tries to decorate our house as much as possible.

Someone for decorating a house for the New Year is limited to buying a Christmas tree and several garlands. But you can approach the question creatively. This process will give you a lot of pleasure.

Start with the main one, namely from the Christmas. In order for it to look in an original and festively decorating it, you can buy artificial snow accordingly, for which the cylinder is used for spraying. This snow on the branches looks very realistic. Also the originality of your Christmas tree adds toys that will be made with your own hands. And you can hang different sweets on the branches, fruits.

To decorate the window on New Year’s Eve, use snowflakes. You can cut snowflakes from paper or use the same artificial snow. You can still imagine with rhinestones and with their help to lay out snowflakes, having previously dipped them in glue.

Use candles to decorate the room. Buy candles of different colors and shapes. Small candles of floating type and garlands of small bulbs your room will be flooded with soft warm light.

You can decorate the New Year’s festive table in a special way. Candles in large candlesticks, beautiful serving, New Year’s napkins. All this will bring this romance.