Apartment renovation: varieties, how to organize correctly

Apartment renovation is a serious and responsible step. It includes a complex of complex work and requires special knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is important to determine its goal in advance (cosmetic changes, redevelopment), plan the budget. Depending on the complexity, quality, design solutions, the repair (and decoration) of apartments can be of the following types:

standard or economy class;

improved or business class;


Repair and decoration of apartments according to an exclusive design project.

So that the repair is as high as possible and does not drag on for years, it is better to entrust it to professionals. Moreover, it is advisable to choose a performer who is ready to take on the entire complex of turnkey works, starting from the development of the project to finishing.

What depends on the cost of repairing an apartment in St. Petersburg?

Of course, the cost of repairing an apartment in St. Petersburg from professionals is slightly higher than with independent work. However, specialized companies guarantee the high quality of their work, which means that the owners of housing will not have to spend time and money in a few months on remaking. In addition, most of these performers use a differentiated approach to the formation of estimates taking into account the customer budget, as well as, in agreement with the client, selects inexpensive, but high -tech materials.

What is the difference in repairs from the decoration of the apartment? As a rule, the decoration does not provide for such types of work as redevelopment of the room, dismantling of old structures and engineering communications. During its implementation, a large amount of construction garbage is not formed. Most often, the finish is required for newly built housing. Accordingly, the cost of repairing an apartment in St. Petersburg above the cost of finishing.

But in any case, the price of repair and final work depends on the level of their complexity, the dimensions of the premises, the type of services provided and the deadlines for the repair.