Country style in the interior: distinguishing features

The interior in the style of country is always comfortable and at home comfortable. This style is most characteristic of cottages and country houses, however, you can also find apartments issued in country-style.

The main detail of the interior in country-style is a fireplace, if possible with live fire, however, in the absence of a technical possibility of placing a real fireplace, its imitation. There can be several options for wall decoration – these are wallpaper with a floral pattern or textile texture, and decorative plaster with elements of masonry or brickwork. It will be appropriate to make the floor primarily wooden, but it is possible to use ceramic tiles or stone.

Furniture in the interior of country should be made of natural materials, have classic shapes and be a little rude.   Open hinged shelves, chests, benches and stools are ideal for this interior.

The color scheme can be different, the main thing is that there is no excessive color, which sometimes has a place to be among those who are too zealous in their attempts to create a country-style in their house.

When creating a country -style interior, it is worth avoiding the use of glass and plastic and make maximum emphasis on naturalness.