Gas fire extinguishing is the most reliable method of fire protection

Recently, the production of gas fire extinguishing has been gaining more and more speeds. And not in vain – there are many grounds for this. What gases are used in gas fire fighting?

In gas fire extinguishing, two types of gases are used:

1.       Gases diluting the atmosphere. This is Argon, Inergen, Nitrogen.

To maintain combustion, the concentration of oxygen in the room should be at least 12%. And the principle of operation of gas gases is based precisely on a decrease in oxygen concentration, below 12%.

2.       Gases – inhibitors (or colads). These include the Krydon 23 gas, the colaon 125 and the colaon 227. And also this category refers to the new generation NoveC 1230 gas, which is alternative to coxidons.

The principle of fire extinguishing these gases is based on slowing the combustion reaction. Getting into the combustion area, these substances make intensive decay, and this very quickly reduces the combustion process to zero.

Consider all the advantages of gas stewing methods:

1.       Gas has no toxic substances.

2.       With gas fire extinguishing, there is no greenhouse effect.

3.       Very fast fire extinguishing-in just 10-30 seconds.

4.       Gas does not provoke statistical electricity during unloading, which allows it to be used in rooms with a large amount of electrical wiring.

5.       Convenient extinguishing throughout the space of the room.

6.       Gas is not subject to heat decay, and, accordingly, does not emit corrosion or poisons, in contact with fire.

7.       Safe in rooms where historical values, sensitive electronics, securities, etc. are stored. D.

8.       Pressure drops are excluded, since the gas is stored in a dry form in the cylinders.

9.       You can season the cylinder anywhere in the world, because for this special equipment is not required.

10.  For a long time does not linger in the atmosphere – a maximum of 5 days.

eleven.  Gas does not destroy the ozone layer, since it does not contain chlorine and bromine.

12.  Systems of this fire extinguishing method have been developed according to ISO standards.

13.  The ability to ensure fire safety from one battery of cylinders of several rooms at once. You can install cylinders from the protected room at a distance of up to 150 meters.

All these advantages allow the use of gas fire extinguishing in a wide variety of areas, in conditions of varying degrees of danger. Arising at the end of the 19th century, this method is increasingly improving, and behind it, of course, is the future of the fire extinguishing industry.