Legal audit of the apartment: process features

When to conduct a legal audit of the apartment? When it came to an advance or not? A competent specialist begins to carry out this procedure from the moment of viewing options for purchase. And if the apartment suits you in all respects, but it turns out with dubious and dangerous documents, then this option should not even be considered.

After you learned the meter of the apartment, the size of the kitchen, the location of the rooms, the presence of a balcony, be sure to ask the seller a question “And what are your documents prepared for sale?”. It is advisable to ask this question at the very beginning, even before clarifying all the questions.

Dangerous title documents

What title documents can be called dangerous? Talk about this a little below.

Purchase contract – sales issued by proxy. After all, her principal can withdraw when he wants, or even say that he issued a power of attorney under duress. It is also worth saying that neither the bodies that issue a subsidy, nor banks, in the case of a mortgage loan will never give their good to buy an apartment that was bought by proxy.

Renta agreement with lifelong content is another extremely dangerous title document. In practice, many cases are known when such agreements were disputed by the court.

The heir is a third party. There are few people who would be so lonely that they did not even have nephews. As a rule, for the most part, such inheritance is forced to.

Inheritance to relatives with a period of less than three years. You do not know how many children had children. From the point of view of the law, the deadline for the restoration of the statute of limitations comes from the moment when a person found out that his rights were violated.

A few more important points

If during a legal verification of real estate it turned out that the apartment was resold more than once, then pay attention to the time intervals between sales. It is very dangerous if several sales took place in one year. This is a sign that real estate was “laundered” after illegal sale. In this case, immediately abandon this option. If you found out or the seller himself informed you that he is registered with a psychiatric hospital or drug dispensary, this is not a misfortune. In order to avoid any delays in the future, during the transaction, conduct an examination of the owner of the real estate by a specialist in the corresponding profile. From him you will have to receive an official certified conclusion.

And, of course, do not forget that several more users can be spelled out in the sold apartment except the owner himself. Therefore, before concluding a purchase and sale transaction, ask the seller that he would present a notarized obligation that after the transaction the apartment will be exempted from living.