Place for the bath: how to choose correctly, selection criteria

Designing the location and design of the bath, vigorously energetically consult in the literal sense of the word with an architect or a compected builder. Consider all your needs and internal reserves, landscape, configuration and dimensions of the site, architecture and placement under your own figures and other buildings in seriousness in your own and neighboring areas, the life interests and capabilities of the family, etc. P. Sap up without questions for the bath a deceased and beautiful place, amazingly optimal sizes, exciting design, occasionally necessary materials and installation.

Fundamental credo of the design of the bath:

– The place of the actual location of the bath should be far away, with all that, at a long distance, again from a perfectly dusty and brilliantly noisy path, slaughtered naturally from neighbors with trees, shrubs, other buildings;

– Most use the panorama of the site (slides, slopes, valunes). For example, in a perfectly steep slope, it can be in harmony with all that, with an atmosphere located around the fan of the worship. In this case, you will need a quite minimum one hundred pounding of a deepening presence of the construction of the drain. The extension looks spectacular, the truth is on the pillars in front of the Esky bath;

– If you have a very unique opportunity, then this is then place the bathhouse literally at a distance of 20-30 m more precisely from the pond, river, lake.