PV cable: advantages and features of use

The wire of the PV series is produced by several brands (PV-1, PV-3), which are flexible during installation. PV wire consists of one copper core covered with a PVC plastic coil. It is used to create control circuits or in power chains, but a prerequisite is to protect against mechanical damage, therefore it is laid in metal sleeves or in pipes. At the same time, depending on the scheme of the lighting network or when lining stationary electrical receipt devices, the presence of bends is taken into account and one or another brand of PV wires of various rigidity is used.

Machines, machines and other electrical equipment connected to the networks in which the PV wire is used are designed for alternating current voltage up to 450 V with a frequency of 400 Hz. The wire can also be used for constant current in 1KV. The service life of the PV wires is up to 15 years. We offer to buy a PV cable of various sections (from 1, 5 to 6 mm).