Filling for the floor: what materials are made of

Keramzit – building material obtained from firing clay in rotating furnaces. Outwardly it is an easy material with pores in the form of gravel. The quality of expanded clay is estimated by the size of grains, strength and volumetric weight. There are three main factions of expanded clay 20-40, 10-20 and 5-10 mm. If grain size is less than five millimeters, then it is referred to cermazitic sand.

Expanded expanded clay as an aggregate for concrete in industrial construction. Expandation of expanded sand is also used in domestic conditions for soundproofing between the floors of the room. It is good as dry backfill. Its advantages are evident: light, frost -resistant, fireproof and fireproof, does not absorb water and, as a result, does not deform under its influence; non -toxic and does not contain impurities that are dangerous for cement. Expanded clay sand is obtained either by burning a clay trifle in the furnaces, or crushing large fractions of finished expanded clay.