A new look at wall decoration: building materials

Now many have already heard about the novelty in the building materials market – liquid wallpaper, although more recently this phrase caused bewilderment.

Liquids in the “raw -form” are a powder, which is mixed with additives, diluted with water and applied to the walls. Liquid wallpaper is something between the walls for walls and wallpaper. And from one and from the other they took all the best. Unlike ordinary, liquid are easily applied to any, even very uneven, the surface so that bumps are not even noticeable. They are able to hide small errors, cracks on the surface of the walls. What is important, you do not need to play with the fitting of drawings and suffer with joints, as with rolled. Like paint, they can be applied to any surface (metal is better first covered with an anti -corrosion coating) in order to achieve one color scheme with walls. They are not peeled off from the walls and are not deformed when drying out. In terms of choosing color in the markets of the cities of the Stavropol Territory, almost the entire spectrum is represented. In addition, you can choose those that include silk or metal threads that can emphasize the prestige of your room. In texture, they are also different: from thin and smooth, imitating simple, to voluminous, reminiscent of tissue cladding.

Artists and designers also managed to evaluate the advantages of liquid. With their help, a real work of art can be depicted on the walls (or other surfaces). The results of such creativity are full of the Internet.

As for practicality and safety, then here they are on top. Non-toxic, capable of “breathing”, are heat and soundproofing, do not support burning. In addition, they have antistatic properties, which gives them the opportunity to maintain purity for a long time. There are some subtleties when they are used in the premises of kitchens or bathrooms. Since they absorb moisture and smoke, when applying it is better to open them with varnish.

If the surface is damaged, it can easily be restored. To do this, you should stock up on a small margin of diluted and frozen liquid wallpaper.

Applied, as well as ordinary, on a pre -prepared, cleaned and well -armed surface. They can be applied both manually and using a pistol. The second option, of course, is more convenient and faster. Drying time – 72 hours.