Choosing a water filter: what you need to know

Currently, water quality leaves much. Let even have your own water supply in your summer house, its composition will still be far from the ideal, because there is no perfectly clean and suitable water.

In any case, it can contain excess iron or chlorine, be soft or on the contrary. After boiling on the walls of the dishes, scale can accumulate, water can have a bad taste, color, smell. It can also contain excess radioactive isotopes or lead, mercury and other heavy metals, which in turn is very harmful to health.

To make water more suitable for use, you need to install a filter for cleaning, but do not rush into the store with a headlong. Different filters for water purification will be described below, and this will help you avoid unnecessary costs and choose the most optimal filter that approaches your type of water.

First of all, before buying, you need to decide on the amount of water that you use. It is not necessary to clean all the water, for example, you can only need water for cooking or, conversely, for bathing. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on the classification of filters and their varieties, it is unlikely that in your house you will suit you a filter that is used in the workshop for the manufacture of paintwork products.

Mechanical filters

These filters are designed to clean water from suspended impurities. They have the simplest design and are sold in almost all plumbing stores. The mesh cylinder is inserted into the pipeline, the smallest diameter of the pore of the grid is approximately 0, 5 millimeters. They are mainly used to protect against breaking or jamming of water meters, plumbing, cranes, valves. The best case of such a filter is copper, in addition, it is quite easy to disassemble and clean it.

Salanly mesh filters

A special valve is built into the filter case, which allows the filter to rinse the flow of water going. The filter element, as a rule, is made of stainless steel and divided by filtering for thin and rough cleaning. In some designs, special glasses are installed through which you can observe the state of the filter element and timely wash. Such filters are best suited for preliminary water purification, thereby they increase the life of the main filter element.

Ion exchange filters

Especially for industrial purposes, the so -called ion exchange resins are made, they delay most chemical elements or their groups. Mostly filters of this type are automated. Used to soften water, that is, removal of hard salts, which form a scale in heating and hot water supply systems. After water cleaning with this filter when washing hands, for example, there is a feeling that the soap is not washed off. At home, such a filter is best set if you have your own boiler or a hot water boiler – its work will extend the life of boiler equipment and pipes.