Gypsum plaster: where they use, features

PERFEKTA gypsum plaster – plastering mixture sold in paper bags of 10, 25 and 30 kg. The manufacturer produces two options for this dry mixture: white and gray. GIPS, on the basis of which this building material is made, is harmless to health, non -toxic, hypoallergenic and non -mutagenic substance. Unlike most other plasters on a gypsum basis, Perfecta plaster can be applied in one layer up to 6 cm thick. This has become feasible, thanks to the use of special additive additives that increase the strength of the mixture and enhance adhesion with the base. A solution for working with plaster Purfecta can be used within two hours, while the viability of most other plasters ranges from 40 – 70 minutes. The manufacturer allows you to restore the plasticity of the plaster by mixing the solution, but this can only be done in the range of 120 minutes. In order to prepare a perfecta plaster solution, a dry substance is taken in relation to water in a proportion of 1: 0, 6. The preparation of the solution, like its application, can occur manually or with the help of mechanisms: solutions, mixers, drums with nozzles, sprayers, plastering stations, etc. When working with dry plaster in the PERFECTA gypsum, follow the fact that there was no direct contact of the skin, eyes, plastering dust did not fall into the respiratory tract and in the digestive system. Gypsum has a high pH and, when contacting the taces of the human body, can cause burns. If it is necessary to apply Perfecta plaster with a thickness of more than 6 cm, make on the surface of the first layer of the serif. It is also advisable to use a net that is a reinforcing layer that will protect the decoration from the appearance of cracks.