MDF panels: what kind of finishing material is this

MDF wall panels firmly occupy their place in the building materials market, since their beauty, grace and affordable price conquer the hearts of many buyers who want to enjoy their living. The range of use of MDF wall panels is very wide – from halls to bedrooms and offices, from office hall to the foyer of the theater. The only condition for the use of MDF panels is low humidity, because the MDF panels are never mounted in bathrooms and bathrooms, because under the influence of moisture the panel, the panel material can swear, and a thin decorative film containing a pattern will exfoliate. MDF wall panels are mounted as follows: a horizontal wooden frame is installed on the wall with a step of 30-45 cm. Then, the first panel is installed in the corner, mounted on the right side (from the spike side) with self -tapping screws, while the left part (containing the groove) is fixed with special metal holders.

The next panel is pushed into the groove and fixed from the side of the groove with metal holders. The angles (both external and internal) are closed by folding MDF corners to the color of the panels or harmonizing with it, the ceiling part is decorated with a ceiling plinth, and part of the panel by the floor is closed by the usual floor baseboard.