Polished or glossy plaster: comparison

Such types of plasters include artificial marble used for interior decoration: gypsum (donkey) and lime (iron).

Gypsum artificial marble is made of colored gypsum mixtures shut on glue water.

Plain or colored gypsum mass is applied to the surface in a plastic form from the shield or plastering. After applying and hardening, the gypsum mass is strict, polished and polished to shine with specially selected donkeys. The finally dried surface is rubbed with wax-sicipader mastic.

Lime artificial marble is performed according to a carefully applied lime cover, in which marble flour is a filler. The drawing is applied with the help of brushes with alkali paints prepared on a limed-so-soil emulsion.

After that, the surface is polished with hot ironing to gloss and covered with wax mastic. Both types of marble are non -resistant and are used only for interior decoration.