Plastic or wooden windows: comparative characteristics

To date, the production of wooden windows has significantly decreased. They are replaced by new, more modern – plastic windows. Plastic windows have a number of significant advantages over wooden, so their use and installation has become so popular. What advantages help plastic windows to be more popular than wooden?

Firstly, the main advantage is durability. While wood windows must be changed every 5-10 years (depending on the conditions of use), plastic windows will last their owner several times longer.

Secondly, plastic windows look much more modern, while wooden ones are still outdated. However, there are companies that make wooden windows with exquisite design, beautiful appearance and unique patterns.

Many people note that wooden windows support a more cozy atmosphere in the house, as they pass filtered air through themselves, while the most plastic windows do not pass a gram of air at all and are completely soundproofing. In general, one way or another, he will make the windows to the buyer and make his choice from his preferences.