Porcelain tiles for floor and walls: how to choose

Used in rooms with large cross -country ability (stations, airports, public institutions), as well as for laying on the floor in residential premises: in the bathroom, bathroom, kitchen. Increasingly, the steps of porcelain tiles can be seen in the office centers and entrances of new buildings – this is a way to give the interior an aesthetic look, and at the same time, such a coating will serve for decades.

Facade porcelain stoneware. Used for facing facades of buildings, commercial premises, for styling to the bottom and walls of the pools. Since porcelain tiles are of different textures – matte, polished, semi -polished, glazed or embossed, as well as different colors, then, using different types of tiles, you can create interesting and unique patterns.

In addition, porcelain tiles are used to decorate open terraces, balconies, working areas in restaurants or laboratories – in a word, wherever you need a high -quality coating that can withstand constant loads and at the same time decorate the interior. Sometimes it is confused with ceramic tiles, but this building material has several other properties.